We provide you with a safe and secure environment 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year with CCTV, Access Control and Security Guard services on or offsite.

Our clients have three main concerns that lead them to require our security services.

Friendly Protection


Friendly, helpful, trained security teams ensure that your building is always a safe haven for work and home.

Peace of Mind

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your building is an enjoyable environment for all concerned keeps rent high and problems to a minimum.

Asset value

Asset Value

Security on your building site, residential or commercial property ensures lower insurance and fast incident response.


The Security industry has a relatively low barrier to entry, which means that choosing an experienced firm of good standing is essential. The Clean and Secure leadership team has 12 years of personal experience in the security industry.

Owner Jay Rao is personally trained and experienced in static guarding for events, commercial and residential buildings. He has now run two successful companies employing between 30 and 80 security team members. 2J Security and its successor Paradigm Security Group have kept thousands of people and buildings secure since 2007.

Over the last 5 years, static guarding has become far less relevant as technology allows ever more effective remote monitoring. CCTV, and access control with monitoring are the way of the future.

Our tailored security packages include design and installation of CCTV and secure access systems. We also provide friendly on site and off site guards, front desk and in-building personnel.

We offer:

Optimal design and installation

on site patrol or desk staff

Local and remote monitoring

Quality training and reporting services

Regular management feedback and site visits

Happy, friendly team members

Exceptional customer service

Professional consistent team


Our security guards work on site and may monitor your building in house. Our guards are permanent staff, who are well trained in both guarding and in creating a safe, happy environment for your building. They are respected members of our community, and as a result, they love being helpful and friendly as well as alert and disciplined.

  • Security licensed and experienced guards
  • Access and monitoring capability
  • Friendly and helpful team members


Our trained team will ensure that your building is accessible by the right people and is well protected from unauthorised entry. Prior to installation we provide a complimentary site walk, gain your specific requirements and ensure that the access control system we install fulfills all your needs. Once installation is complete, we can offer monitoring or guarding services to supplement your requirements as needed.

  • Tailored scope of work
  • Latest access control systems
  • Fast, efficient, customised service


As Sydney is growing at an exceptional rate, so is the need for a clear, recorded view of building access to interior and exterior areas at all times.

We combine the latest technology in Security system monitoring services via remote and CCTV systems with team training to ensure the safety of vulnerable areas in residential, commercial, industrial properties or construction sites. Our security service monitoring and security alarm monitoring can be conducted on site or remotely as required.



We assess your needs and select from leading brands to tailor a system to suit you.



We design, install and test our systems to ensure that we keep every area safe and secure.

Friendly Protection


We can monitor onsite or remotely, ensuring that you have peace of mind 24/7.


On site security provides an immediate deterrent to vandalism, theft and personal attacks.

While trespassing, terrorism concerns, domestic violence and vandalism are ever present in Parramatta, CBD and Sydney, reducing your risk is a cost effective alternative to dealing with an incident to life or property.

Properly specified, installed and operated video monitoring is your best option to provide clearly detailed images for immediate incidence response, evidence in courts of law and risk management policies and procedures.

When you need a clean, safe and secure strata title or commercial building, call us on 1300 or download our brochure


“Recognised and appreciated individuals will always outperform those who are just doing it for the money. “ - Jay Rao

At Clean and Secure all services rendered exceed industry standards for one simple reason - personnel are happy and appreciated. Clients report receiving services which are above and beyond their expectations. It is a simple cause and effect because of the culture of appreciation that we have created. We run a building management company where people are actually excited and happy to work.