Owners Corporation

We Love Your Home Well Looked After Too

When your home is inside a larger building, there are a lot of things to manage. It’s easy to get hard to solve problems or gaps within your providers where you’re not sure how to solve and issue. You need a team that supports your vision for a safe, happy community that enjoys all the common areas.

We know that it’s really important that your building manager, cleaners, concierge and security personnel all work together to manage small issues before they become large ones. That’s why we offer all of these services in one place. You can take one or all of our services.


  • A single point of contact to resolve issues fast
  • Transparency on spend and excellent reporting
  • A happy, safe, clean environment
  • A consistent, well trained, happy team


You will love walking through your building, seeing a safe, clean, stress free home and know who to call if there’s an issue.

Our 5 Step Approach to Owners Corporation Residences

What makes us very different is how our community works with yours, and our training and transparency, to ensure that we always do a great job for your residents.

Step 1 – Cost-Free Consultation On-Site

Having your property ready for market takes a high level of diligence and an eye for detail. Every building has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses, and these can only be mapped out accurately through a thorough on-site consultation.

To provide appropriate guarding, cleaning, security and building management services, we dedicate ourselves to knowing your building like the back of our hands. This way, we can help with top tier maintenance of communal areas and assist with access control around the clock until you are ready to hand over to the owners corporation or strata manager.

Step 2 – Carefully Selecting A Team From Within Our Employ

We understand that employing a new team to look after your building reqiures trust, so we ensure that we only bring people we know and employ on board. Each team member is part of our team, which means they’ve been adequately vetted and have a proven track record of working well in their respective discplines. Clean and Secure is also dedicated to cultivating a positively-minded team with high levels of job satisfaction. We train our employees to be:

  • Professional at all times;
  • Courteous towards clients and each other; and
  • Proud of the work that they do.

Step 3 – Clarity On Where Your Money Goes

It’s crucial to know precisely what you’re spending your money as an owner’s corporation – this is how your investment will grow over time.  There are many budgets to compile and the more accurate the reporting, the better.

We make information related to the way we charge for services freely available, which makes it easier to keep track of what each cost is and where it originates. We also work to a budget across security, cleaning, building management and concierge, so our team members can also work across more than one area for our clients.

Step 4 – Specialist Teams & State-Of-The-Art Technological Tools

To ensure that your homes and offices are well presented at all times we ensure that our teams receive all the training and experience required to do the job right.

In addition to this, we invest in the latest technology to enhance the quality of results achieved. Our staff is trained on how to use technology to do their best work every day and they do so with a smile for every tenant and visitor.  

Step 5 – Centralised Management & Communication

We designate one point of contact, which allows clients to address matters relating to the services provided directly. Our services are based on cohesive teamwork, so the manager will always be able to report back as necessary and come up with solutions across the board if needed.

At Clean and Secure, we go above and beyond, to ensure that our employees and clients feel appreciated and are satisfied with their scheduled work. This is the secret behind our success. Yes, it’s that simple. Our team’s satisfaction leads to customer satisfaction, so it’s happiness all around. Contact us today to learn more.

Would you like to keep all the owners happy?


“Recognised and appreciated individuals will always outperform those who are just doing it for the money. “ - Jay Rao

At Clean and Secure all services rendered exceed industry standards for one simple reason — personnel are happy and appreciated. Clients report receiving services which are above and beyond their expectations. It is a simple cause and effect because of the culture of appreciation that we have created. We run a building management company where people are actually excited and happy to work.