How We Get The Best Out Of Our Cleaning And Security Team

It’s never easy going against the grain in business, and this applies to Sydney’s service industry. It’s not a sector that encourages a positive culture to develop, or for innovation to take place, which understandably leads to mediocre service delivery and low expectations from clients.

As a business looking to offer cleaning and security services that stand out from the rest, Clean and Secure Building Management don’t believe that things need to be this way, just because this is how things have always been. Here’s what we’re doing to make sure our cleaning and security teams are outperforming others on the market, in a way that benefits everyone.

  • We Focus On Security Staff and Cleaning Team Development

All jobs are continually evolving. New best practices develop, laws come and go, and tools upgrade constantly. There is no way a team can keep up with this unless you invest in continuous training as well as examine and take on the latest in effective technology. We ensure that our staff members receive task specific and mindset training so that they can do their jobs better and take ownership of what they do.

If you don’t think training matters, think about how security systems have changed in the past five years. One of the greatest pivot points in our business has been the gradual introduction of CCTV, Access Control and monitoring as standards that partially replace static guards and patrols. The benefits are 24/7 surveillance and footage for criminal proceedings if any issues occur. If your security team isn’t keeping up with these changes, how can you expect them to protect your investment in the most cost-effective way?

  • We Equip Our Security and Cleaning Teams With The Latest Technology

As mentioned, the world is changing, and with this comes tools that help us do things more quickly, easily and safely. Efficiency is the name of the game and is that which allows workers to get a job done to a best practice standard. We look out for tools that offer superior results so that every building receiving our cleaning and security services benefits. Our staff are trained to use specialised cleaning equipment safely and effectively, allowing more work to get done in half the time. You wouldn’t use an old rag mop to clean your home, so why should the cleaners of your residential building use anything similar when better tools are available? The latest technology is always our focus, to ensure that your commercial or residential building retains it’s value over time.

  • We Focus On Staff Retention

It’s difficult for a cleaning or security company to maintain a certain level of excellence when it’s experiencing constant staff turnover. We understand this and realise that half the secret to getting a job done correctly is hiring the right people to do it. We employ each person on our team with care and consideration, to ensure a high retention level.

In fact, we don’t use the term ‘staff’ because our team members include the management as well, and we create a culture of community where all of our employees are valued and heard.

As a result, our clients benefit from dedicated cleaners and security staff who spend years exclusively working on a building, getting to know it inside out. They are well supported to love their job and be heard. What this means is that when something happens on site, the team member will report back and be proactive in taking ownership of both the problem and possible solutions. Small problems do not escalate into costly repairs; innovation is continuous. When this happens, you as the owner or manager, benefit directly with bottom line savings.

At Clean and Secure we’re proud of our teams and the work they put into making the commercial and residential high rise buildings around Sydney safe and secure. If you’d like to see how we go Above and Beyond Expectations, all you need to do is contact us today and enquire about a complimentary site walk.

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