Get The Best Cleaning Services For Your Sydney Building With These Tips For Strata Managers

As someone in charge of a strata complex or building, you have plenty of work on your plate. Keeping it clean is one of the most visible tasks that you need handled effectively every day. You must outsource this service to someone else, and when you do, you need to choose the right service and the best team. To make sure you hire a cleaning service that doesn’t add to your stress, follow these tips for success.

  1. Choose a Cleaning Service That Offers Transparent Costing

A cleaning service is something you’ll be using at regular intervals for years to come. It means that you’ll need to budget for this now and into the future. Many cleaning companies don’t offer transparent fees, which make budgeting complicated. You should choose a company that clearly states what you’re paying for before you commit to it, and that can offer you an itemised report on a regular basis so that you can see exactly where every cent you’re spending goes.

  1. Choose a Cleaning Company That Sticks To A Schedule

Large cleaning jobs and maintenance tasks are prevented by making sure that your cleaners are on time, prepare an effective ongoing schedule and warn you of any extra cleaning that is needed. Any cleaning company you choose should be willing to set up and honour a regular schedule, then innovate and suggest so that your business is clean and attractive and service improves over time.

  1. Choose a Cleaning Contractor That Updates You

A problem that many strata managers experience is not being alerted to problems that exist in the building. Often problems exist that are out of sight and mind of tenants, and the only people you can rely on to update you on these are the people who cover every inch of the building when cleaning. Choose a company that prioritises reporting and communication so that you can fix that broken fence or leaking tap the moment it gets detected. Interestingly, a cleaner who is using sub-contracted staff is less likely to report issues, so use a cleaning team that is employed by your cleaning service supplier.

  1. Choose a Commercial Cleaner With The Right Attitude

It might seem like a minor thing, but the people responsible for cleaning a building can affect your tenant’s feelings towards the building and towards you as a manager. Surly, rude and uncommunicative cleaners will make tenants feel unwelcome and the community of the building can be affected over time. Choose a company that offers professional cleaning services with a smile, so that you demonstrate to tenants that you and your team care.

Finding a cleaning service that offers all the above doesn’t have to be a painful affair, with Clean and Secure Building Management around. We specialise in affordable, professional cleaning services for strata buildings in Sydney and surrounding suburbs, so why not let us help you keep your building clean and secure?

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