get ready for a new way to manage your buildings!

Having worked with strata management teams over many years, we understand that your major headache is time. You may be managing just one building or many; either way, it’s the small things.

Sudden repairs, unnoticed issues, working with lots of service providers and sometimes your stress rises and your need for work life balance falls through the gaps.

Just imagine a world where you can pick up the phone 24/7, see someone at your premises when you need to and receive proactive feedback when something isn’t right. That’s where we are different.


our strata services are:


our 5 step approach to strata company services

What makes us very different is our approach to the culture of our team, our training and transparency, so that we maximise your time savings in your building.

Step 1 – Start With An On-Site Discussion, With No Obligation

The most important part of what we do in working together with clients is to clarify exactly what you require from our team. We initiate this process through a complimentary site discussion, which we call a site walk, where we get acquainted with your building, your expectations and your budget.

We establish an intricate understanding of your needs as well as a harmonious working relationship. Then we create a scope of work that is highly effective for your building and your budget, with a standard of service that goes above your expectations.

Step 2 – Choose From Skilled & Experienced Staff On Our Payroll

Every single member of our team is an employee of Clean and Secure, and not subcontracted. This is a huge benefit and our clients love the high level of loyalty and little to no turnover. What does this mean for you? Consistency, security and guaranteed expertise. Our staff are:

  • Cordial and eager to help;
  • Well-versed in company policy and expectations; and
  • Committed to precision and punctuality in completing their daily tasks.

Step 3 – Value For Money Guaranteed

Many strata managers and property owners are not aware of the layers of cost, labour and profit that they pay. Often, a second company does the work while you pay a middle man essentially as your recruiter. You are paying per hour for this privaledge.

Our budget is just cost and labour, and our profit is lower. You are informed in a clear and detailed way to ensure that your are aware and satisfied with the costs related to the services we offer. This way, your as our client can objectively assess that you receive value for money, and services are adjusted if necessary.

Step 4 – Specialised Technology and Our Cleaning, Security and Concierge Teams

We’re dedicated to achieving the best possible results consistently. How do we do it? By investing in the latest technological tools, we bring with us an unrivalled level of efficiency and skill. Our strata management services ensure the seamless running of our client properties, which in turn leaves our clients content.

You can expect cleaners who have top line equiptment, building managers who understand your building, security who run a tight ship and diligent concierge team members. BONUS:  All of our qualitifed team members come with a smile.

Step 5 – A Single Manager To Communicate With Your Strata Team

There’s nothing more frustrating than being sent from pillar to post if you have a question or concern that needs to be addressed urgently. That’s why we allocate one manager from our company to act as a point of contact for each client. This way, you never have to wait too long for the answers you need.

Our managers work with all our teams, so that you never have to wonder who needs to be held accountable – we are! Available 24/7, we are right there when you need us.

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