Property Developments that Sell FAST

Do you want to be proud of every development, sell quickly and handover easily to each owners corp?

Working with us will ensure that your development sells faster and at the premium pricing you want to achieve. The fact is, accessing our services shortens your sales cycle and improves your cash flow!

Building Management during Sales and Handover

While you’re developing and selling your offices, villas or apartments, your focus is on managing the project to completion. Our focus is to make sure that your buildings are spotlessly clean and secure. We will look after the little things every time we are on site and let you know of anything that needs resolving and we will help you to solve issues quickly.

When you are ready to handover, you can also be sure that your team is already in place; Building manager, cleaning team, concierge and security. We can even help with property settlement defect testing reports on your behalf. We provide a turnkey solution so that your

Body Corporate or Owners Corporation will be happy and you can move on to your next building quickly and easily.


  • An single point of contact to resolve issues fast
  • Transparency on spend and excellent reporting
  • A happy, safe, clean environment
  • A consistent, well trained, happy team


You will love walking through your building, seeing a safe, clean, stress free home and know who to call if there’s an issue.

Our 5 Step Approach to Building Management Services

What makes us very different is our approach to the culture of our team, our training and transparency, to ensure that we always do a great job in your building.

Step 1 – Obligation-Free Site Assessment

The first action we take is to meet up with you on-site to familiarise ourselves with the property.

“Why?” you may ask.

Well, there’s no better way to formulate the right solution than by immersing yourself in the space that requires it. During this assessment you have an detail exactly what you need and expect and ask questions about the cleaning and security services that we provide. This sets the standard and pace for our working relationship going forward.

Step 2 – Assigning A Team From Our Pool Of Employees

At Clean and Secure, we employ experienced, knowledgeable and dedicated staff members who are allocated into teams for each project.

We create a culture of loyalty and contentment in the workplace, which spills over into every team. Not only will the team you get be enthusiastic about showing up daily, they’ll also be committed to achieving excellence in each service.

Our teams create a welcoming expereince for every potential tenant or buyer.

Step 3 – Transparent Communication and Tight Budgeting

Some companies fail to let clients know exaclty what they are paying for. We know that as a property developer our budget is key to your profit margin in two ways – our high quality service increases your speed of sale, street appeal and market appreciation. Our low fees increase your profit.

We provide a transparent communication model, which guarantees that each client knows in great detail and with accuracy how they’re being charged for each service. Gone are the days of pouring your money into a black hole – we’re ready to share at all times.

Step 4 – Trained Teams and Progressive Technology

The working teams that we assign are made up of experienced individuals who are continuously trained to do their work at peak performance. Not only are they equipped with mindset, knowledge and skills, they have all the latest technological equipment as well.

This combines the best of both worlds to achieve top results at every turn. What this also means is that your services are completed faster and with less disruption to your prospective buyers.

Step 5 – A Cohesive Approach To Communication & Management

Do you have time to be transferred from office to office whenever you have a question or issue? NO! We have solved this problem with designated managers that are the direct contact point for you, so there are no delays when it comes to communication.

You may be wondering why our services run so competently. The answer is straightforward. At Clean and Secure, we know that our team is full of human beings with dreams and aspirations of their own. We make sure that we employ individuals whose values align with ours, and we keep them motivated, which results in a consistently exceptional result throughout the company.

Need a building management team that delivers 100%?


“Recognised and appreciated individuals will always outperform those who are just doing it for the money. “ - Jay Rao

At Clean and Secure all services rendered exceed industry standards for one simple reason - personnel are happy and appreciated. Clients report receiving services which are above and beyond their expectations. It is a simple cause and effect because of the culture of appreciation that we have created. We run a building management company where people are actually excited and happy to work.